Lactation Consulting with Jillian Simon, RM IBCLC

Jillian is an incredible Lactation Consultant who has helped hundreds of families over the past 15 years. She developed a special interest in lactation medicine when she found that so many people were struggling with their infant feeding goals in her Midwifery practice.


Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but also a learned skill that requires practical knowledge and support.

"My role as a Lactation Consultant is to help parents develop a deeply-connected, nurturing bond with their baby. I offer non-judgemental support to help families meet their goals for infant feeding. I come alongside a family as a compassionate guide to offer information, assistance and experience as they navigate their parenting journey." -Jillian Simon, RM IBCLC

To learn more about Jill's Lactation Consulting work, book a session with her or to learn about all things related to infant feeding, visit her website:

Note: sessions can be done online or in person and if you have MSP or extended health benefits, your consultations may be covered!

You do not need to be a client of Terra Nova Midwifery to work with Jillian. Book your session below.