Optimal Birth BC

Dieticians and pregnancy

Food safety in pregnancy

Prenatal Genetic Screening

Folic Acid and Iron in pregnancy

Immunizations in pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy guide

Sex & pregnancy

Nutrition & pregnancy

Water birth

Doulas​ & Photographers

Sarah Dexter - Any Day Now Birth Services

Elise Beutel - Wind & Roots Doula Services

Kendal Blacker  - The Kindred Mama

Janice Lim - Birth 360

Jessica Screeton

KIrby Croin - Juno Bug BIrth Services

Polly Hamui/Namad

Leslie Dowler - With Love Doula Services

Stephanie Lane - The Birth HIve

Doula Services Association of BC



Dr. Jack Newman breastfeeding information


La Leche League Canada

Breastfeeding help- Kellymom

Dr. Ella Choi, Newborn tongue tie

Home  Birth


CMBC Homebirth Handbook 

Home birth research


TENS and birth pool rental 

Prenatal Education Classes

Any Day Now 


Lower Mainland Childbearing Society 


DoDo Childbirth & Family Education


Lamaze International pregnancy and birth information 

Newborn Baby

Normal Newborn Behaviour

Co-sleeping - Dr. James McKenna

Newborn diaper rash

Newborn jaundice 

Newborn male circumcision 

Baby's Best Chance

Fussy Baby

Parenting and Children's Health

Childhood Immunizations 

Immunizations - Immunize BC 

Attachment parenting International


Parenting information

Childproofing / child safety

The Natural Child project

Richmond pregnancy and parenting guide

Car seat safety program Richmond

Richmond Children First

Public Health Nurse - VCH

Mental Health 

Anxiety BC / Mindshift App


Pacific Postpartum Society

Postpartum Support


Find a Counsellor 

Hospital, Labs and Ultrasound

On-line tour of Richmond Hospital's Birth Centre

Lifelabs/BC Biomed 

Brooke Radiology Ultrasound clinic

Grieg & Associates Ultrasound clinic

Safety on ultrasounds in pregnancy 

Women's Health


Birth control

Birth control options


Willow Women's clinic  

Pelvic floor physiotherapy - Soulphysio 

Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Lisa Ghent

Find a family doctor

Sexually transmitted infections

As Richmond midwives it is important to us to help you get connected with some of the best Richmond pregnancy resources available. Here you'll find a blend of local resources for pregnancy and postpartum, and online resources we trust.