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Choosing who your care provider will be in pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a big decision. These reviews of our midwifery care from past clients offer a first hand glimpse into the care we provide.

"These ladies really do care for you and your family. They were fully booked when I contacted them halfway through my pregnancy but after checking with others on their super long waitlist, they accepted to care for me. My pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience were SO positive because of these truly kind souls. Terra Nova Midwifery is on a completely different level from my previous care. Our family is forever grateful."

-Tina G.

"Jillian's care leading up to, during and after the birthing process was so very valuable to me. She is caring and professional, calm and confident. I was so glad to have her by my side in the last stretch of delivery. I also don't know what I would have done without her expertise as a lactation consultant in the first days after birth. Highly recommend. So very thankful for you Jill!"

-Marnie E.

"Jenny and Jill are such passionate, caring and kind humans. Not only are they skilled Midwives, they work cohesively with other attendants and hospital staff to ensure their clients have the best experience possible. I couldn’t recommend them more!"

-Kendal Blacker,

Doula + Birth Photographer

"When people ask me how the labour and delivery of our baby girl was, I always respond with an enthusiastic "great!" - which usually gets me quite a few funny looks. Although labour and delivery was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever experienced, having Jill by my side coaching my husband and I through it was what made it so "great"."

-Crystal H.

"Amazing, professional ladies! Jill and Jenny were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. Quick to respond to questions even on off hours with consistent, helpful advice and absolutely no judgement. Thank you!"

-Elena N.

"Jill and Jenny are the most fabulous midwives that we have been fortunate to have as our caregivers for both of our children. Their compassion and hardworking demeanour is so appreciated. Not only are they extremely educated and experienced, they have the compassion and empathy that tops off the whole experience. There is no other clinic that I would trust my pre and post natal care with other than Terra Nova midwifery. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the gift you provided us with by helping our children come into this world. If we ever have another baby, we definitely know where we will be going!"

-Kiana M.

"My husband & I are incredibly grateful to have had Jill & Jenny in our corner during our journey to parenthood. They gave us amazing advice & resources, always answered every single question happily, & always respected our decisions. I believe Jill & Jenny played huge roles in making my pregnancy, birth, & postpartum a positive one. By the end, they practically felt like family. We will definitely be back for all our future babies!

Thank you for all that you do ladies!"

-Allyssa D.

"I highly recommend Terra Nova Midwifery. Jenny, Jill and Alix are exceptional in every way. Highly trained, experienced midwives who are so genuine and passionate about their work. I am fortunate to have received their care firsthand and also to work alongside them as a birth doula. I believe having this type of care and support is cornerstone to a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Being a birth worker, I have the opportunity to work with families all over and I can confidently say that I am continuously blown away by the positive outcomes that come from those in Terra Nova Midwifery’s care. If you want the best, this is it!"

-Jessica Screeton,

Birth Doula

-Heather W.

"Empowered. Supported. Heard. I remember leaving every appointment with Jill feeling this way. Her passion for midwifery and dedication to the women and families she cares for are felt so strongly by those who have been lucky enough to have her on their team. She was there for me every step of the way, calming my nerves, keeping me informed, and fostering a relationship. Having her by my side through labour, birth and beyond felt like I was being cared for by, not only, an exceptional midwife but also a trusted friend. I can never thank her enough."

-Laura G.

"The ladies at Terra Nova Midwifery are the best of the best!! You will be in the best of care, and just as important they really love what they do and will provide you with the emotional support you need. Highly recommend."

-Lisa Ghent, Naturopath

"I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing and compassionate care provided by Jenny and Jillian, they truly are an amazing team! Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended with an early miscarriage shortly after my initial consultation with Jenny and even though I had barely become a client the level of care and responsiveness to my panicked e-mails was incredible. I was truly touched by their sincere compassion and sympathy during a very scary and heartbreaking moment. It is very obvious that they truly care about the wellbeing of their patients and will go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns immediately. I very much look forward to getting to know the wonderful team at Terra Nova midwifery better during my next (hopefully healthy) pregnancy. I could not imagine entrusting anyone else with my future prenatal care!! 5 stars for sure, would rate them even higher if possible!!!"

-Janet B.

"We have felt so deeply cared for by Terra Nova Midwifery. They have this uncanny ability to straddle the fine line between ferocity and tenderness, while forever rooted in grounded education. Nothing short of a fine art. It's been such an honour to be supported by their divine feminine ways."

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